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What is STQRY?

STQRY is a storytelling platform designed to enhance visitor experiences by enabling deeper engagement and exploration. With STQRY, users can create various interactive experiences such as location-based tours, mobile and web apps, audio guides, games, and online collections.

Our main products include:

  1. STQRY Apps: Create white-label apps, accessible via native apps which are published on Google Play and the Apple Store and web apps.

  2. STQRY Guide: Share stories and attractions through our STQRY Guide app.

  3. STQRY Fleet: Download content to shared devices using on-site hardware.

  4. STQRY Collect: Digitize, store, and publish collections online.

  5. STQRY Kiosk: Create interactive displays on touch screens that educate and entertain visitors

Additionally, we offer services such as content creation, build services, custom development and integrations, as well as signage and promotional cards. Our marketing packages are designed to further enhance your organization's visibility and engagement.

Is it free to use?

STQRY Builder is free to try, but if you want to publish your project live to the web, App Store, or Google Play Store we require you to sign up for a subscription. You'll be able to see all products, plans, and pricing on our website.

If you're unsure where to start or which products best fit your needs, don't hesitate to contact our support team at and request a complimentary demo session.

How much does it cost?

Our prices vary between products and plans. Not sure what's right for you? We'd be happy to schedule a demo with you- Contact us today.

How can I pay for a subscription?

Payments for subscriptions can be made by credit card or bank deposit. Click here for more information.

How do I create an STQRY account?

If you're new to STQRY, you can explore our platform for free. Simply sign up to access our online app builder. No credit card information is needed to create your account.

After uploading content to the builder, you can contact our webchat to request a preview app.

What kind of content can be added to an app?

STQRY supports a wide array of captivating features. Here's a breakdown of the content you can incorporate into your STQRY app:

  • Audio Guides: Create immersive narrated tours that lead visitors through exhibits, historical sites, or outdoor areas, complete with descriptions, stories, and background information.
  • Location-Based Tours: Harness GPS technology to deliver location-specific content, enriching visitors' exploration with relevant information tailored to different areas.
  • Virtual Tours: Offer remote exploration with immersive virtual experiences featuring 360-degree photos, videos, and interactive elements.
  • Interactive Maps: Enhance navigation and exploration with maps featuring points of interest, routes, and clickable icons that lead users to related content.
  • Image Galleries: Showcase stunning visuals such as exhibits, artifacts, or historical events, allowing users to swipe through images and delve deeper into each item.
  • Text Descriptions: Provide detailed textual information about exhibits, artworks, or landmarks to enrich visitors' understanding and appreciation.
  • Videos: Embed informative videos offering deeper insights, interviews, or behind-the-scenes glimpses to enhance the educational aspect of the experience.
  • Games and Quizzes: Foster engagement with interactive challenges, quizzes, or scavenger hunts that make learning enjoyable and memorable.
  • Augmented Reality (AR): Utilize AR features to overlay digital content onto the real world, providing interactive experiences that blend virtual and physical elements seamlessly.
  • Accessibility Features: Ensure inclusivity by offering content in multiple languages, providing audio descriptions for visually impaired users, and incorporating features tailored to people with disabilities.

How do audio guides work?

Audio guides are applications designed for mobile devices, featuring structured tours and designated stops. Typically, each stop on an audio guide includes a brief audio recording. Additionally, these guides may incorporate various multimedia elements such as images, videos, text descriptions, and audio transcripts to enhance user interaction and accessibility.

You can develop a location-based tour application with geofencing capabilities using either Bluetooth or GPS technology. Bluetooth is ideal for shorter indoor ranges, while GPS is more suitable for longer outdoor ranges. Location triggers enable users to automatically play content, ensuring that audio tracks seamlessly accompany them as they navigate through your venue or follow your tour route.

Does STQRY support accessibility?


STQRY enables your organization to develop experiences that align with accessibility standards and 508 compliance.

STQRY apps are compatible with various accessibility features on devices, including VoiceOver and TalkBack. Users can magnify pages to zoom and pan elements, invert colors, and convert colors to grayscale.

Here are some key accessibility features supported by STQRY:

  • Support for multiple languages: Content within the app can be localized in over 20 languages, including Asian, European, and RTL languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.
  • Optional local tour phone numbers: Visitors can access simple audio tours by calling a local tour phone number.
  • Inclusion of regular and described audio in the app.
  • Display of closed caption and ASL videos.
  • Ability to add transcriptions for audio and video content for hearing impaired visitors.
  • Images in the app can be labeled with separate descriptions to describe their contents.
  • Apps can include multiple tours, catering to different needs such as dedicated ASL, closed caption, or audio described tours.
  • Images and buttons with links have alternative text describing their associated functions, allowing users with VoiceOver enabled to understand the linked elements.

Do you offer whitelable apps?

Certainly! With STQRY Apps, you have the flexibility to design and publish your own apps.

How does an app get published live?

Once your project is complete, a Customer Success team member will help you with the final touches, guide you through our checklist to go live, and then submit the app. Publishing your project to the app marketplace usually takes anywhere from 48 hours to two weeks, so make sure to consider that when setting a launch date.

Do I need my developer accounts?

When publishing your white-label app on the Apple or Google Play stores, you'll need your own developer accounts. However, developer accounts are not necessary for web apps.

Google developer account membership entails a one-time fee of $25, while Apple developer account membership is priced at $99 annually.

Certain organizations may be eligible for a fee waiver on Apple. For further details, refer to the Apple help article.

Does the app work on mobile phones, tablets, and the web?

The STQRY platform is reactive to a wide range of screens- users can view Web Apps on mobile devices or via desktop browsers, and our apps perform equally well on phones and tablets.

With the launch of our newest product, Kiosk, visitors can now interact with your content on a touch screen display! 

What are the minimum supported iOS and Android versions?

Android Compatability: 5.0 and up

Apple Compatibility:


  • Requires iOS 12.0 or later.


  • Requires iPadOS 12.0 or later.

iPod touch

  • Requires iOS 12.0 or later.


  • Requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip or later.
Are QR codes supported?

STQRY offers integrated QR code scanners on both web and native app versions. Visitors using the app can conveniently scan QR codes in person directly from the app interface, eliminating the need to switch to their phone's camera. Additionally, STQRY allows you to generate QR codes for your app content within the STQRY builder. 

These QR codes are distinct from those used to direct users to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for app downloads. For generating these QR codes, you can utilize external websites such as QRcode-Monkey and Onelink.

Is VR/AR supported?

Yes, both Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are supported by STQRY.

For AR experiences, STQRY offers various features:

  1. AR Models (Quick Look/Model Viewer): You can upload AR Models such as Reality, USDZ, and GLB files for cross-platform support. These models can be viewed within the app as part of a media gallery or launched from a link/button.
  2. Image Recognition: STQRY supports image recognition on custom plans, allowing users to point their device at an image for the device to recognize and display relevant information.
  3. Custom AR Experiences: For more advanced AR experiences beyond simple model placement, you can develop custom AR experiences either as Web AR or Unity AR. Web AR experiences can be embedded using the web screen feature, while Unity AR apps can be integrated into the STQRY app with full control over functionality.

As for VR, it can be accommodated by embedding a website in the app and hyperlinking a button to open a VR-supported site.

Does STQRY support stereo audio files?

Yes, STQRY supports both mono and stereo audio files. You can find detailed instructions on how to add stereo audio files in our help article here.

How do I update my app?

To update your app, STQRY offers real-time app updates. Here are the help articles to guide you through the update process:




Where can I see stats/metrics for my app?

You can monitor app usage through three main methods:

  1. STQRY's Built-in Analytics: Take advantage of STQRY's integrated analytics feature to track various metrics related to app usage and engagement directly within the STQRY platform.

  2. Integration with Google Analytics: Integrate your app with Google Analytics to access detailed insights into user behavior, demographics, and interactions.

  3. App Store Analytics: Utilize the analytics provided by the app stores where your app is published. These analytics offer insights into downloads, reviews, and other relevant metrics.

For more information on how to access and interpret app analytics, please refer to our help article here.

How many tours can I have in an app?

The number of tours you can have in an app depends on the app plan you are subscribed to. For detailed information about tour limits and app plans, please visit our website or feel free to chat with us for personalized assistance.

Does the app support other languages?

STQRY provides multilingual support for up to 50 languages, including most European and Asian languages, Arabic, Hebrew, and indigenous languages such as Māori. If you wish to add a new language to the builder, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at for assistance.

Can I charge for my app?

Yes, you can charge for your app's content using various methods such as in-app purchases, paid apps, and coupon codes.

Can I put a password on my app?

Yes, we support coupon codes for both specific tours and appwide use.

What sets in-app purchases and coupon codes for tours apart? 

There are two primary distinctions between the two. Firstly, in-app purchases are processed through Google Play and Apple Store, whereas coupon codes are purchased on your website or Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) such as Viator, Musement, and GetYourGuide. Secondly, in terms of commission rates, Google and Apple claim a 15% share of your revenue from in-app purchases, while coupon codes do not involve revenue sharing with these platforms.

Can I redeem a code multiple times?

Yes, you can redeem a code multiple times. To control access to content, you can set an expiration date for the code or delete it from the builder.

What should I do when someone mentions the app is not working?

When someone reports that the app is not working, it's essential to gather as much information as possible to diagnose and resolve the issue effectively. Here's what you can do:

1. Clarify the Issue: Ask the user for specific details about what is not working. Determine if the issue is related to a particular feature, functionality, or the entire app.

2. Identify the Platform: Determine if the issue is occurring on Android, iOS, or the web app. This information will help narrow down the possible causes and solutions.

3. Reproduce the Issue: Try to replicate the problem on your end by following the steps provided by the user. This will help you understand the issue better and identify potential solutions.

4. Troubleshooting Steps: If the issue persists, suggest some troubleshooting steps to the user. This may include fully closing the app, deleting and reinstalling the app, or checking for updates.

5. Contact Support: If the issue remains unresolved,  can reach out to us via email at When contacting us, please provide details such as the device model (e.g., iPhone 11, OS version 17.4.1) and the current app version (e.g., 9.0.107), which can be found in the app settings. This information will help us diagnose and resolve the issue more effectively.

Can I download my tours at the same time with my app?

Yes, you can download your tours simultaneously with your app. However, this will require an additional setting in the backend. Please contact us at for assistance with this setup. Please note that downloading tours simultaneously with the app may take some time.

Can the app work offline?

Yes, the app can work offline, including the GPS map, if you download both the app and the tour completely. However, certain content, such as web screens, YouTube, or Vimeo videos, will not function offline.

What happens if a coupon code expires?

When a coupon code expires, it can no longer be redeemed. However, users who redeemed the code before it expired will retain access for an additional 24-48 hours. If they check for updated content during this time, they will lose access immediately.

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