STQRY Analytics: Analytics Dashboard

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The analytics dashboard gives you an overview of your project's performance. It includes topline stats and allows you to drill into data over time.

Metrics Definitions


If a visitor comes to your website for the first time or if they visit a page more than 30 minutes after their last page view, this will be recorded as a new visit.


Screen View

Reports the total number of times an event is collected.  For example, a user who navigates to the ‘About Us’ Screen, then the ‘Contact Us’ Screen, and then back to the ‘About Us’ Screen will result in two views for each Screen.


Average Time on Site

Average Time on Site, or "Engagement Time" tells you the average amount of time people spend on your website or app. This metric is calculated by dividing the total time by the total number of users. To calculate time, a user needs to spend at least one second on a page.



The platform the user was on. Can be iOS, Android, or Web. An unknown platform will be due to older versions of the app being used.



The language the user had set in the app. An unknown platform will be due to older versions of the app being used.


Downloads and Proceeds

The App Store and Google Play provide statistics and analytics specific to download rates, crashes, and proceeds. To see these reports, you'll need to log into your Developer Accounts.


Apple and Google have also provided these resources to help you understand the data:




Google Analytics

Link up your STQRY project to Google Analytics to gain deeper insights and take control of your user engagement. For more details on how to do so, read the article here.


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