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We will submit your app as the last step to publishing the app. Before that, please help us go over the checklist below:
(1) Make sure you set up your own Apple and Google developer account. STQRY should be assigned as an admin and allowed to "Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles" - This is so we can create and manage the certificates, keys, identifiers, devices, and provisioning profiles that you use to access app services and distribute your app. Check out our help article here.
(2) Are you going to sell your tour/app in the app store? If so, make sure you set up your Google payments & iTunes/Apple payment accounts. Check out our help article here.
(3) If you sell your tour/app, make sure you apply for the small business program with Apple and Google. This program will help you only pay 15% in the commission the app stores.
(4) Fill out the app information. If you choose Projects >> your app>> Submit, then you will be able to fill out the app information in the market details. Some notes for this field are below
Title: Apple and Google have a 30-character limit for app names.
Subtitle: A subtitle can be up to 30 characters long and appears below your app’s name throughout the App Store.
Description: This is the description that will appear in the App Store and should describe the application and is a key piece of marketing text. For best results, we recommend limiting your characters to 700.
Short description: Short Description is an 80-characters field that is shown to the users in the listing and can then be expanded to see the full description 
Keywords: Keywords are used to provide search terms for users of the App Store. Choose keywords that are relevant to your application and are words that users may use to search, limit of 100 characters.
Promotional text: Your app’s promotional text appears at the top of the description and is up to 170 characters long. You can update the promotional text at any time without having to submit a new version of your app. Consider using this to share the latest news about your apps, such as limited-time sales or upcoming features.
Privacy policy link: you can use the STQRY privacy link or provide your own link. If you want to use your link, make sure it complies with all the requirements from Google and Apple. We wrote a help article to guide you on how to prepare your privacy policy link here.
Below is a compliance checklist for privacy policies. Your privacy policy must:
  • Reference location data and your app’s use and handling of location data
  • Clearly label that the page is a privacy policy, for example, listed as "privacy policy" in the title or has “privacy” in the URL and body of the page
  • Be readable in a standard browser without any plug-ins or special handlers (for example, no PDFs, no uncommon MIME types)
  • Be available on an active, visible URL
  • Be non-editable
  • Refer to your app by name
  • Be linked on your app's Store listing page and/or within your app
  • Have a URL that links to a single governing privacy policy in your website and/or Play Store listing rather than one that points to multiple privacy policies.

(5). Please provide the CSM with an app icon, Google Play Feature Graphic and loading image via email. The loading image will show up after you open your app, 1-2 seconds before the app is really downloaded and ready to use. Here are the dimensions for the app elements.

  • App icon: 1024px by 1024px
  • Loading image: 1024px by 1024px. We will center and scale it.
  • Google Play Feature Graphic: 1024 px by 500 px
  • General Promo Graphic:  768x432 px. This will be your app icon on the STQRY app directory.

(6) If you want to track your tour downloads by Google Analytics, please follow the instruction here 

(7) You can update the app content at any time. Please note there are a few things that will require a new version of the app to be built by us if you need to change these. These include:
  • App icon
  • App loading image
  • App description
  • Name of app
  • Keywords
  • Price of app (if any)
Let us know if you need to update any of the items above and we will create a new version of the app for you. 
*Please note that the first app submission will take up to two weeks so please keep us posted if you have a launch date in mind. 

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