Adding Audio

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Audio can be added to a screen, tour overview, or in a slideshow. Adding audio to the STQRY builder is a simple process that enhances your app's interactive and engaging experience. Follow these steps to add audio to your Media Library (Alternatively you can add the Audio file in each Screen and it will automatically Save in your Media Library):

  1. Under Content select the Media tab
  2. Click Add Audio 
  3. Provide Information
    1. NameGive a name to the audio file for identification within the builder. This name will not appear in the app.
    2. Title: This title will be displayed in the app next to the play/pause button.
    3. Thumbnail image (optional): Add a thumbnail image that appears behind the play/pause button.
    4. Choose Your Audio Source: You have two options for adding audio:
      • Upload Audio File: If you have a pre-recorded audio file, you can upload it directly.
      • Text-to-Speech: Utilize our built-in text-to-speech feature to generate audio.
    5. Enable "Do Not Compress" (optional): Keep the original sound quality by enabling this option. Be mindful of file size if choosing this.
    6. Transcription (optional): You can include a transcription of the audio. Users can tap on the transcript icon to read the text.
    7. Click "Save" or "Save & Close" to confirm and apply the audio addition.Media _ Create a new media item (2).png

Once uploaded, you can use the same audio file across various screens or sections.

You can add new translations for the audio in another language on this page too. To do that, simply click on the plus icon next to the primary language and follow the outlined steps to provide details such as title, thumbnail image, and audio file. If you're reusing the same thumbnail image for the translated audio, there's no need to upload it again. For more detailed guidance on adding a new language on STQRY, please refer to our help article on the topic.

Media _ Audio 1.png


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