Autoplay Audio Mode Tips for STQRY

Created by Glen Barnes, Modified on Wed, 31 Jan 2024 at 07:11 AM by Glen Barnes

To provide a seamless experience for your app users, it is important to avoid setting up geofences that overlap with each other. Additionally, consider the travel time between the stops when timing your tour audio. Aim to allow users to finish listening to a track before they reach or start the next audio track.

However, keep in mind that users may walk or drive at different speeds, which could lead to the possibility of overlapping audio content. To address this, STQRY offers extra options to handle such situations more smoothly for your app users.

When setting up a tour there are three options you can choose from.

Collection _ Tour _ Overview (2).png

  1. Replace Track if another track is playing (Default): With this option, when visitors move through different geofenced areas with overlapping audio content, the currently playing track will be replaced with the new one. Use this if you want to make sure the track plays as soon as you enter the area.

  2. Skip Track if another track is playing: If you prefer to avoid interruptions between audio tracks, you can choose the "Skip Track if another track is playing" option. When overlapping audio content is detected, the app will skip playing the new track and continue with the current one. This option is suitable when it is not essential for the second track to play.

  3. Queue: The "Queue" option allows you to create a playlist-like experience for your visitors. When multiple audio tracks overlap, they will be queued in order and played one after another. This enables visitors to have a continuous audio experience as they move through different geofenced areas with overlapping content. Use this method if you want all tracks to play and triggering the audio at the exact spot is not required.

By following these guidelines and utilizing the autoplay audio options, you can create a smoother and more enjoyable tour experience for your app users, regardless of their travel pace.


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