Enhancing Security: Limiting Web App Access to Local WiFi Networks

Created by Natalie Nguyen, Modified on Tue, 26 Mar 2024 at 12:05 PM by Natalie Nguyen

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STQRY offers a feature allowing users to control access to their web app based on static IP addresses. This can be particularly useful for limiting access to the app only from specific networks, such as local WiFi networks.

Common Reasons for Access Restrictions:

Security and Privacy: By limiting access to the web app within a local WiFi network, sensitive data handled by the app remains secure within the confines of the network.

Data Protection: Industries with stringent compliance requirements, such as film production, can ensure compliance with data protection laws and regulations by restricting access to authorized IP addresses.

Business Policies and Licensing: Organizations may enforce access restrictions to ensure that the web app is used internally only, limiting access to employees or specific departments.

How it Works:

Users can specify static IP addressess that are allowed to access the web app. When attempting to access the web app from an unauthorized network, users will encounter a default error message saying "This app is restricted." This error page can be customized to include branding and provide instructions on connecting to the authorized WiFi network.

To implement this feature, please reach out to your assigned Customer Success Manager. We will assist you in confirming your static IP addresses, configuring custom error pages (if required), and setting up the necessary restrictions on our end to enhance your web app security.

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