Accessibility Features

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STQRY allows your organization to build experiences that can help you meet accessibility standards and 508 compliance. When you work with STQRY, you can be confident you are working with a company that is forward-thinking and offers the highest level of support to ensure you make the most of our services.


Accessibility Features:

  • STQRY apps work with accessibility features on devices such as VoiceOver and TalkBack, magnify page to zoom and pan elements, invert colors, and convert color to grayscale.

  • Support for multiple languages. Any content within the app can be localized in different languages. We currently support 20+ languages including most Asian and European languages and RTL languages such as Arabic, and Hebrew.

  • All tours can include an optional local tour phone number for visitors who prefer to use a simple audio tour.

  • Ability to include regular and described audio in the app.

  • Closed caption and ASL videos can be displayed in the app.

  • Audio and video support adding transcriptions for hearing-impaired visitors.

  • All images presented in the app can be labeled with a separate description field that describes the contents of the image.

  • Apps can have multiple tours in one, allowing for different tour paths to meet different needs, such as dedicated ASL, closed caption, or audio-described tours. Apps can also be built to feature multiple types of content on each page. For example, each page can include a combination of buttons for ASL or regular video, described audio, transcriptions, etc.

  • Images and buttons with links have alternative text which describes this associated function. So, when tapped with voiceover enabled, the device relays that the element is tied to a link.

VoiceOver and TalkBack

VoiceOver (iOS) and TalkBack (Android) allow the visitor to navigate their device using touch with voice and haptic feedback about selected items. Implementing VoiceOver and Talkback as an app developer requires a significant amount of work to refine the user experience. At STQRY we’ve made a significant investment in refining the experience for our users. For example instead of just reading out the time remaining in an audio track 1.35 seconds we customize the text to read out "1 minute 35 seconds remaining".

All of these additional prompts are also localized in the 20+ languages we support.

Support for multiple languages

The STQRY platform has been localized in 20+ languages including the major Asian and European languages and Right to Left (RTL) languages such as Hebrew and Arabic. Our localization covers all of the interface items in the app such as the prompt when asking for the location or the Start tour button.

In the STQRY Builder itself, you can add translations for any content within the app. This localization allows you to even display different images on a per-language basis (for example signs in different languages). Adding a new translation is as simple as adding a new tab to the content item and localizing the various fields.

Our RTL support goes beyond simply putting text starting from right to left. Swiping from screen to screen is reversed, the audio player progresses from right to left, the tab bar is reversed, and other features that make our RTL users feel at home within the app.

If you require additional languages, our team can easily add these for you. We may even ask you to contribute to our translations!

Accessible Content

The STQRY platform provides the base for a great accessible app. Within the STQRY Builder itself, you have the ability to add quality accessible content.

For images, you can add image descriptions that describe the content of the image in addition to the caption.

For audio and video files you can add a transcription for visitors to read the transcription.

We can also integrate with your video screens to provide real-time alternative audio tracks for your in-gallery video content.

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