How to Geofence a Linked Content (Hidden Screens) in Your App

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A "Linked Content (Hidden Screens)" in your app remains invisible until triggered by a keypad number or location. Geofencing hidden screens offers multiple benefits, such as boosting user engagement, providing contextual information, and enabling gamification. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of geofencing a hidden screen, allowing it to become visible when users enter a designated area.

Step 1: Enable Linked Content (Hidden Screens)

  1. Log in to your STQRY builder account.
  2. Select the "Projects" tab.
  3. Choose the specific app you are working on.
  4. Enable "Linked Content" This action will add a new tab called "Linked Content" to the top right corner of your screen.

Apps _ Auckland Stories _ Overview.png

Step 2: Add a Hidden Screen and Geofence It

  1. Open the "Linked Content" section.
  2. Click on (+) Add to choose a screen from your library.
  3. Click on Apps _ Harbour Walk _ Overview (2).png to add coordinates and define the radius for the marker.
  4. Save your settings.

Apps _ Harbour Walk _ Overview.png

You've successfully geofenced a "Hidden Screen" within your app. If this is your first time setting up geofencing or working with the builder, you may want to refer to our relevant help articles below for more detailed information:

  1. Setting Up Geofencing on STQRY: This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the geofencing process.

  2. Updating Your Content: If you need assistance with updating your app's content, this article will guide you through the steps to keep your app's information fresh and engaging for your users.

Should you require any assistance or have further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at Happy app building!

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