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STQRY's turn-by-turn direction feature enhances user navigation within your app, guiding them seamlessly from stop to stop and providing timely notifications upon arrival. With In-App Navigation powered by Mapbox, users can enjoy integrated wayfinding directly within your app, eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications.


  • Seamless Integration: In-App Navigation seamlessly integrates within your STQRY app, providing users with a familiar and intuitive navigation experience.
  • Real-Time Guidance: Users receive turn-by-turn directions and real-time location updates, ensuring they stay on track throughout their journey.
  • Automatic Rerouting: The navigation system automatically adjusts routes and provides alternative directions in case of wrong turns or unexpected obstacles.

In-App Navigation using Mapbox is an additional feature for the STQRY app. To enable this functionality, you'll need to register for a Mapbox account and pay an additional fee to STQRY.

Activation Process:

Step 1: Create A Single Location Map on the STQRY Builder

  • Log in to the STQRY builder and navigate to the desired screen or create a new one.
  • Add a single location section with the destination's coordinates or street address.
  • Repeat this step to other screens (stops) on your tour.

Watch our short tutorial video below to learn about the steps to create a single location map on an available screen.


  • If you want users to ride and listen continuously, we recommend adding the audio component for the stop, along with any additional content you want them to enjoy.
  • For tour maps, you can use the polyline editing tools to plot a route for users to see the whole traveling area. 

Step 2: Estimate Mapbox Costs and Sign Up for Mapbox Account

Step 3: Create a New Token

  • Log in to your Mapbox account, navigate to Access Tokens, and click on Create a Token to create a new token. 
  • Share the generated Key Token with STQRY for integration.

Watch our short tutorial video below to learn about the steps to create a token.

Step 4: Backend Integration and App Submission

  • Once the Key Token is provided, STQRY will handle the backend integration and rebuild the app.
  • The updated app will be submitted to Google Play and Apple Store for approval. Please refer to our help article here to learn about our app update process.

User Experience:

When users are ready to depart, they can:

  • Select the button "Next" at the bottom right of every stop to proceed to the next destination within the app.
  • Click on the location screen item to access directions.
  • Depart, and the navigation system will guide them seamlessly inside the app.

Watch our demo video below to learn about how the feature works in the app.

For further assistance or inquiries, please feel free to contact our support team at

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