Creating Quizzes

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The Quiz section lets you add sets of questionnaires in the app, making it more interactive and fun to use. Sometimes used in Scavenger hunt tours, but also found in-game sections on some apps.  

Here is how to add quizzes in the app:

To Create A Quiz:

1. Select “Quizzes” under “Content”, then click the “Create Quiz” button


2. Under “Quiz Details”, fill up the boxes for the “Title” and “Short Title” of the quiz group(this is required as it will not be saved if you leave the box blank). Then click “Save and Close” or the check symbol at the top right of the window. 



3. And you can now add as many questions as you’d like, simply click “Add New Question”.


Under “Add New Question”, there are 5 Question Types: Single Text Choice, Multiple Text Choice, Free Text, Single Image Choice, and Multiple Image Choice.

  • Single text choice – The basic question type where the choices are texts. As the name implies, the user can pick only one answer per attempt.
  • Multiple text choice – Same as the Single text choice, except the user can now pick multiple answers in an attempt.
  • Free text - It does not have choices, instead, the user must guess the right answer by typing something in the text box.
  • Single image choice – Same as the Single text choices, but the choices are pictures and images.
  • Multiple image choice – Same as the Multiple text choices, but instead, the choices are images.

To Add New Question:

1. Select from any of these Question Types


2. Add “Question title” which is the name of a questionnaire, 

3. Fill in the number of “Attempts” to retake the quiz if answered incorrectly (running out of attempts will disable the user from trying the quiz again), and 

4. At “Question Text” input your question.

5. Under “Content for answers” you can add the “Text” that you would like to appear on the app for the right and wrong answer to that question. You can also add an image or an audio file each for right and wrong answers when you expand “MEDIA FOR ANSWER” (this feature is optional but can make a questionnaire fancier), then hit “Save” or “Save & Close”.

6. You can now “Add new answer” depending on the Question Type you choose. For Free text, you just have to add one correct answer, while for Single and Multiple choices, you can add as many answers as you’d like and simply tick “Mark as correct” to determine the correct answer/s, then hit “Save”.

Here is a GIF demonstrating how to add create a quiz question



To Make A Quiz Visible On The App:

When done adding Questions, you can now link the question to a screen. To do this, open a screen>> choose "New section">> select “Quiz question section”. You can also add a score section for the quiz result if you like. On the screen>> choose "New section">> then select the “Quiz score section” if you want to show the quiz score on the same screen.

Here is a GIF demonstrating how to add a quiz question and quiz score section to a screen


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