The STQRY Builder: Fundamental Concepts

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This guide provides a high-level overview of how app content is organized within the STQRY builder. The following diagrams and descriptions illustrate the relationships between the various elements. While these diagrams show logical relationships, you can still work with the builder in any order you prefer.

A diagram showing the hierarchy of different elements in an app


Each subscription allows you to create and publish a project, which can be thought of as an app. STQRY offers various project types, including STQRY Apps, STQRY Fleet, STQRY Kiosk, STQRY Guide, and STQRY Collect. This help article focuses specifically on STQRY Apps, STQRY Fleet, and STQRY Guide.


Content is the main reason people download your app. We categorize content into Media, Screens, and Collections and Tours.


Media files, such as photos, audio, videos, animations, and AR, can be uploaded and used to build tour stops. These files serve as the building blocks of your app's content.


Screens are similar to pages in a book. You can think of screens as stops in your tours or items in an exhibition. Screens can include various sections, such as text, media files, location maps, and links or buttons. You have the flexibility to customize the screen items and their order to best meet your needs.

A diagram showing a screen structure 

Collections and Tours: Collections and Tours are groups of items, similar to chapters in a book.

- Collections: Lists of items not in sequence, such as museum objects, flora and fauna guides, or a list of cafes.

- Tours: Designed to be experienced in a specific order, tours present items with specific layouts to create a seamless experience.


If a project is considered a book and content is the book's material, then tabs can be considered the table of contents. Tabs link the content to the app. 

To make content visible in the app, you need to link it to the Tabs section. You can either link content directly in the Tabs section or link it through a tour, list, or screen, and then link that tour, list, or screen as a tab button. While there is no limit to the number of tab buttons, it is recommended to create 4-5 buttons to avoid hidden buttons.

To summarize, here is a quick overview of the STQRY Builder's fundamental concepts:

1. Project: Your overall app.
2. Content: The main content of your app, broken down into Media, Screens, and Collections and Tours.
3. Tabs: The navigation structure that links your content to the app.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us at Happy building!

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