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Nov, 2023

πŸ’‘What's New

  • Introducing our new In-App Navigation add-on! Experience turn-by-turn directions within your app. Toggle between walking, biking, or driving, and a fully functional map guides users to their next destination. Learn more here.

🐞 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fix the bug causing a partial blackout of other content when opening the tour stop list on iPad from version 9.0.71.


  • Address the bug to display the live location (blue dot) on top of map pins and routes from 9.0.70.
  • Address the bug that make audio and video sounds play simultaneously on version version 9.0.64 onward.
  • Enhance the error screen for improved user experience when accessing the Web Screen offline.

Screenshot_20231113-132121_Nature in the City (1) (1).jpg

Oct, 2023

πŸ’‘What's New

  • Update the label and help text for Panorama screens to make it clearer that you can use them for so much more than just panorama images! Check out our help article to learn more. Learn more here.Screens (5).png
  • STQRY now supports the Haitian language. To enjoy this feature, please make sure your app is updated to version 9.0.49.
  • You can now set individual screen background images in your app. This feature is available starting from app version 9.0.48. Learn more here.
  • A Search bar is now available in Collections. To use this feature, enable it on the Collection List Overview page. Make sure your mobile app is updated to version 9.0.43 to enjoy this functionality.

Collection _ Davao _ Overview.png

🐞 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fix Collapsable Sections on Mobile Web.
  • Prioritize map pin icons over map pin numbers on Mobile Web.
  • Fix Phone Number Links on the Web App
  • Eliminated the "In-App Purchases" text for apps without IAPs on Google Play, effective from app version 9.0.51.
  • The full-screen image screen functions seamlessly offline, starting from app version 9.0.58.
Sep, 2023

πŸ’‘What's New

  • Implement push notifications. Use push notifications to connect with users, delivering messages to their devices even when the app is not in use. Available since app version 9.0.28. Learn more here.
  • Add GPS and beacon triggers to lists and badges. Available since app version 9.0.28.
  • Show image captions on slideshows. Available since app version 9.0.24.
  • Upgrade the Android apps to target API level 33 to comply with Google Play's new requirements, This enhancement is available in app version 9.0.23 and later.
  • Support Vietnamese. This enhancement is available in app version 9.0.18 and later.

🐞 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Resolve AR thumbnail image issues on mobile apps. Enjoy this fix from app version 9.0.39 and onwards.
  • Enhance geofencing stability on iOS. Available since app version 9.0.24.