Embedding a Web Video into a Screen

  1. Add the new section on the screen:


  1. Choose Single media section or Media gallery section: 


2.1. If you choose Media gallery section, you can add many images, videos, audio… to the same section.

Here are 3 steps to upload the new youtube link to the screen if it’s not available in the Media library :

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:

Hit save or Save & Close


2.2. If you choose Single Media Section, you only can add 1 media Item to this section. With this feature, you can add a caption for it (choose the layout to show the media & caption…)

The way to upload the new Item is the same as Media gallery section(2.1).


Notes: Once uploaded successfully, the media file will be in the library. You can use it to add to any screen later.