How to Delete Tours on STQRY

Deleting tours on STQRY can be beneficial for users in several ways. It can free up phone storage, help you manage your tours more effectively, and enhance the overall user experience of the app. Here is how to delete a tour:

  1. Open the STQRY app on your phone and navigate to the tour that you want to delete.
  2. On the tour overview, you will see a 3-vertical-dot button.
  3. Select the button and tap on the "Delete Tour" button.
  4. This will turn the "Start Tour" button to the "Download Tour" button again.



  • All content inside the tour will be deleted unless it is used inside another downloaded tour. So if a tour screen is reused elsewhere, that screen will need to be re-downloaded.
  • This new feature was implemented recently, so you may need to update your app version to have this feature added. Please get in touch with your assigned Customer Success Manager or email us at if you need help.