Adding Polylines

Polylines are used to provide routes in the location map. We support adding polylines on Terrain, Satellite maps and Custom maps.  

We also support uploading tour routes in .kml files. However, doing this will not carry across the pin markers but will overlay the route lines onto the map.

Note: If you have “Geofencing” on your app, you must turn it off before drawing your polyline. You can enable it again after you have added polylines and saved your work. To enable/disable Geofencing, click on the symbol as shown in the screenshot below. 


Here is how to add polylines to a map: 

1. Choose Content >> Open the tour you wish to add the polylines >> Choose the Map section.
2. Click the Line String tool

3. With the Line String tool, you can now make polylines for routes and paths. Click the point where you want to start and drag it to any location to create segments, then double-click once you are done to turn the polyline from dashed to solid. You can also add as many polylines as you want. 

Here is a GIF demonstrating how to add a polyline:


4. To edit a polyline, double-click any segment point to change the line from solid to dashed >> then move it to your desired new location >> double-click once you are done and hit “Save” to apply the changes you made.

Here is a GIF demonstrating how to edit a polyline:


5. To change the polyline color, click on the on the line to turn it into a dash line >> Select the desired color from the list. Optionally, use a hex code for a preferred color >> hit “Save” to apply the changes you made.

Here is a GIF demonstrating how to change a polyline color:

Untitled design.gif

6. Clicking the “trash bin” mceclip6.png symbol will remove the polylines entirely.  But you may choose to remove per route by clicking a segment point to turn it from solid to dashed >> then click the “trash bin” symbol>> On the pop-up window, you should choose Cancel to discard any changes or Continue to commit the changes.

Here is a GIF demonstrating how to remove a polyline:



7. Once you are done adding polylines, click “Save” or “Save & Close”. Don’t forget to enable the “Geofencing” button for your Geofencing to work on the app again.