Adding languages to the app

STQRY wants your app to reach users from all over the world and having your tours available in different languages helps you achieve this. We currently support over 50 languages that are listed in this article. 

WHERE TO ADD A LANGUAGE: You can add additional languages to your app and tours. To do this you will need to (1) either upload your translated content or (2) use our built-in Google Translate tool.

Option 1: Upload your translated content

You first need to add the translated content to the tour/list overview page and do the same for each of the screens within that tour/list. Then you should add the new language as a secondary language to the app overview page.


  1. Open the tour/list you want to add another language >> On the Overview page, choose a new language from the drop-down under Add a language.
  2. Add translations for the Tour titles and tour Introduction.



  1. Open the screen you want to add another language >> Choose a new language from the drop-down under Add a language.
  2. Add translations for the Screen titles and tour elements including Text and any Section titles.



Similarly, you should open the media files and add new translations to the videos/audio/images. If you do not have the translations for the image caption, attribution, and/or description, you can just skip this step. Missing content will default to the primary language.

You can hide a content section in a certain language by choosing the content section and toggling the Hide for [language] button.


Once done adding languages to your collections and screens, you will need to assign and add languages you want to show in your app. To do this, go to Projects click on Overview, and add another language from the list.


Option 2: Use our built-in Google Translate tool

Instead of uploading translations, you can choose to copy the content from the primary language or use our built-in Google Translate tool to translate the content.


For the changes to show in the app, you should hit Save in the builder. In the app, you should go to the app settings and hit "Check for updated content". End-users can choose a language when they first open the app or from the language dropdown list in the app settings.

Supported Languages: More are being added constantly, if you need an additional language, feel free to contact us.





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