How to claim your ownership when you cannot access your Google and Apple developer accounts

At STQRY, we frequently update your apps with bug fixes and improvements so it is important that the account holder of Google and Apple developer accounts can help us access and accept any pending agreements on your accounts.

However, there could be some reasons, staff leaving for example, which will make you lose access to the Google and Apple developer accounts. In this case, we will need to contact Google and Apple support for help.

Google: you can contact Google via this link. You can type the following email.


My name is [your name]. We have the [app name] published on Google Play. The account holder ([the old account holder's email]) has left the organization and we had no way to contact him. Can you please assist me to claim ownership of this account? The developer account ID is [developer account ID]

Please include [new email] in your response since this is the new contact who will manage our developer account.

Thank you for your help.


*You can ask your Customer Success Manager to know the old account holder's email and developer account ID.

Apple: if you can still access the account, you can contact Apple via this link. Or we can help you if you cannot access the account anymore. You can type the following email.

Google and Apple support will reach out and provide you with further instructions.