Adding an app icon

Adding an app icon is a great way to personalize the look of your app and make it easier for your users to find it on their devices. An app icon is required before publishing your app live in the Apple and Google Play stores.

Where to add the app icon

Currently, to add the app icon to your project please email your Customer Success Manager or the support team. One of our team will add your app icon to the backend for you.

An option to add the icon yourself will be coming soon.

App icon options

It's advised to keep your app icon simple and easily recognizable. A logo, symbol, or plain image is best. Keep in mind the icon on a mobile device is quite small. Avoid complex images and lots of text if possible.


The app icon size is 1024px by 1024px. PNG or JPEG are the best formats.

Updating the icon

If you need to update your app icon please contact your Customer Success Manager or the support team to let them know. An update will need to be submitted to both Apple and Google Play to make sure the new icon is reflected in the app and store listings.

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