Which project type do I choose?

Apps vs Guide vs Fleet

STQRY has a suite of different project types that you can choose. So let's discuss how each one works and find the right one for your project.

When you create a new project in the builder you will have the choice to select the type of project. The options are STQRY Apps, Portal, or Fleet.




STQRY Apps is your own branded app that can be published on iOS, Android, and mobile web. It's perfect for both individuals and organizations. 

You can add images, audio, text, map info, and custom features with our simple web-based tour builder. Then update the content at any time using our app builder. Publish changes immediately for your users.

Example: Walt Disney Family Museum



STQRY Guide is an aggregator app that is published with our own STQRY branding. It contains many different tours from our customers around the world.

The main benefit of Guide is that it allows you to get up and running in minutes, not months, with our easy to use STQRY Builder. You can create your own audio guides, guided, and self-guided tours, quickly and easily. Then link them to the STQRY Guide app that is already live on Apple and Google Play.

Example: STQRY Guide


You can download STQRY Guide now and check it out!

                                       Download on the App Store                Get it on Google Play



STQRY Fleet allows you to load your app onto your own devices. They can then be handed out or rented to your visitors.

Provide your visitors with a quick and easy way to access your audio tours and enhanced content. They don't have to use their own devices and download the app. It’s the ideal way for you to control and manage your on-site tour guide system on your own devices, providing everything your visitors need to enjoy your STQRY mobile tour.

Example: National Library of New Zealand


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