Getting Started With Creating your Project

To start creating your app, log in to your STQRY account. The STQRY home screen has two sections: Projects and Content.

The information required for completing Projects is adding details of how your app will appear on the App Store and Google Play as well as the global navigation tabs and color branding. Content is where you will upload your media content to build out the tours and collections.



The Projects section has four parts:

  • Overview - here you will set your app name and primary/additional languages.
  • Tabs - these will be the global navigation options along the footer of the app. The tabs will link to collections of tours/lists or screens such as an "information" or an “about us” page. Learn more about creating tabs here.
  • Branding - set your app color scheme here. You can select specific RGB or Hex codes to match organizational or website branding.
  • Submit - this is the information that will be used to create your store listing displayed in the App Store and Google Play.

Within the Content section you will find:

Collections and Tours:

  • Tour - Link screens together in a sequential order
  • List - Used when screens do not follow a sequential order. Group lists and tours together.


  • Story Screen - Add widgets to build tour stops, list pages, about us, etc.
  • Web Screen - Embed a web page, HTML, or mini web app
  • Screen Panorama - Create a panorama image with hotspots that can link to other screens


  • Library of images, audio, and videos uploaded to the builder. Can be uploaded directly or added to a screen and will save here.