In app purchasing

How to setup in-app purchasing


  1. Login to iTunes Connect
  2. Go to Features
  3. Click In-App Purchases
  4. Click Plus sign
  5. Select Non-Consumable
  6. Enter the Reference Name as the Tour Name
  7. Enter the Product ID as the In-App Identifier
  • In-App Identifier is found under our admin - tour - iOS In-App identifier
  1. Select a Price Tier
  2. Add a language with the Display Name as the tour name, and the Description as the tour description Note: we are not hosting with Apple, as My Tours is the master site
  3. Setup the app as per usual and screenshot the tour with the Start Tour button showing on iPhone 6 Plus device
  4. Upload this as the Screenshot for Review
  5. Click Done
  6. Go back onto app version On the App Details page, select the version of your app that you are about to release and scroll down to the In-App Purchases section, just below the Builds section. In the In-App Purchase section, click the plus sign.
  7. Once all details completed, build added and In-App purchasing completed You can now click Submit for Review


  1. Login to Google Play
  2. Click the app, and then In-App Products in the sidebar
  3. Click Add New Product
  4. Click Managed Product and enter the product ID as the In-App Identifier. NB that this needs to have Android added in, so com.mytoursapp.app573.tour_1163061018 would become for instance.
  5. Copy the Title and Description info from the Tour
  6. Enter pricing appropriately. Sometimes this will not be in USD, so pays to define the USD one and then just use an exchange rate estimate for the rest by clicking "Auto price conversion".
  7. Click Save
  8. Click Activate

How to delete In-App Purchasing Google

To make an IAP inactive in Google Play, you need to

If you want to make a tour free that was an IAP item you will need to:

  1. Click on the IAP item in the list
  2. In the top right change the dropdown from Active to Deactivate
  3. Change the name of the item to start with the word inactive- (for example inactive-Venice – Ciao Venice)
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