Linking content to your app

Is your new tour ready and you want to add it to the app? Then keep reading to find out how to link content to your app. We say content because any collection, tour, embedded webpage or individual screen can be linked to your app. 

Okay, let's get linking.

How to link content to your app:

Step 1

Go to your project in the STQRY builder. Then click on "Tabs".

This is where you can see what is already linked to the app and it's also where you can link new tours/content. The tabs you create and the content linked to them are what is shown in the app.

You can start creating new tabs by clicking on New Tab +. Then either create a Menu or link existing screens or collections from the library if they have already been created.



Click on projects (1), then tabs (2). Hover over the ellipsis and click on edit app tab (3) to access the collection. 



Now you are in the collection. A collection is essentially a group, in which you can add link tours. Click on content (4) to see what is already linked or link new tours




Then scroll down and hover over new item (5) to open up the menu. You have the option here to add a new item or link a screen or collection from the library (6).



If you selection From library (Collection) you will get a pop-up screen of all the tours and lists that have already been created. Click on the + button (7) to link a tour to the Collection group. 


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