Understanding Sections on STQRY: Projects, Content and Analytics Tabs

STQRY presents a versatile platform that simplifies the creation of dynamic and interactive mobile apps. Key to this process are the Projects, Content and Analytics Tabs, offering adaptable tools to customize and organize your app's functionalities.

Projects - section for overall app features and information

Apps _ Mumbai Harbour Cruises _ Overview.png


Section to add App name and available languages


Four customizable tabs and the settings tab

Can link to collections/screens within the app or external links/web screens


Color scheme for the app

Submit (Only used for native apps):

Descriptions and information for App Store and Google Play

Content - collections and screens within the app


Collections and Tours:

Tour - Link screens together in a sequential order

List - Used when screens do not follow a sequential order. Group lists and tours together.


Story Screen - Add widgets to build tour stops, list pages, about us, etc.

Web Screen - Embed a web page, HTML, or mini web app

Screen Panorama - Create a panorama image with hotspots that can link to other screens


Library of images, audio, and videos uploaded to the builder. Can be uploaded directly or added to a screen and will save here.


Badges reward achievements. Popups acknowledge badge acquisition when users perform tasks like navigating screens, answering questions, or visiting locations.


The Quiz section enhances app interactivity with sets of questionnaires, adding an engaging and enjoyable element to the app.

Analytics - A built-in tool to monitor app performance

Analytics (7).png