Sections of the STQRY Builder

Projects and Content tabs

Projects - section for overall app features and information

Section to add App name and available languages


Four customizable tabs and the settings tab

Can link to collections/screens within the app or external links/web screens


Color scheme for the app

Submit (Only used for native apps):

Descriptions and information for App Store and Google Play


Content - collections and screens within the app

Collections and Tours:

Tour - Link screens together in a sequential order

List - Used when screens do not follow a sequential order. Group lists and tours together.


Story Screen - Add widgets to build tour stops, list pages, about us, etc.

Web Screen - Embed a web page, HTML, or mini web app

Screen Panorama - Create a panorama image with hotspots that can link to other screens


Library of images, audio, and videos uploaded to the builder. Can be uploaded directly or added to a screen and will save here.





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