Are you ready to go live?

Here is a checklist to use to make sure your app is ready to go live.

There are two parts to creating an app. The "My Apps" section and the "My Tours" section. 

The app can be compared to the cover of the book – that is the image on the front cover and the app description found back cover. This is the image and description that users will find on the app stores – therefore prompting them to download your app.

The tour(s) are the content of your app. Using the analogy above tours can be compared to chapters of your book.

My Apps - App Builder.


The overview page is where you need to enter all the necessary information that gets added to the Apple and Google Play store listings.

1. App Name: 

The application name appears in the App Store and under the application icon on the iPhone. You should choose a short and memorable name (Max 30 characters)

Note: If there is already an application with the same name on the App Store we will notify you and request that you select a new name.

2. Description:

This is the description that will appear in the App Store and should describe the application and is a key piece of marketing text. For the best results, we recommend limiting your characters to 700.

3. Keywords:

Keywords are used to provide search terms for users of the Apple App Store. Choose keywords that are relevant to your application and are words that users may use to search. This is limited to 100 characters.

4. Primary Language:

Choose the primary language for your app and any additional languages. 

5. Additional Languages:

The additional languages will allow you to localize the information pages.



There are 6 images required for your app design. Each image has specified sizes. Check here for more information on the required app artwork. 

1. App Icon (1024px by 1024px)

2. Header Portrait (1536px by 864px)

3. Header Landscape (2048px by 480px)


4. Phone Portrait (640px by 1136px)

5. Tablet Portrait (1536px by 2048px) 

6. Tablet Landscape (2048px by 1536px)


If you want to you can also change the color of your app.



These custom pages allow you to enter any other information you want to share that doesn't specifically fall into a tour. You can enter any text you want in your custom pages. Many users put in information such as contact information, the locations of tourist information centers, opening times of attractions or links to extra web content.

There will always be an about page by default for your app and there has to be at least one page but you can add as many other pages as you like.

Click on "edit translation" to add the information.


Enter the information as you on a normal stop page and click save. You will need to repeat this process for each page if your app is offered in other languages.

Linking Tours

Make sure your tour(s) is linked to the app. You can see more on linking tours here



If you have a paid app or are planning on using in-app purchases then please make sure you select "A paid download" or set the in-app purchase price. Note: The price is USD. Contact your Client Success Manager if you have any questions concerning the pricing in the Google Play and Apple developer accounts.


My Tours - Tour Builder

A quick note about tours. You can make changes to all tour content at any time. The app will automatically reflect the changes overnight or if you manually prompt it to update. So it's not imperative that your tour is finalized when you publish your app but it's a good idea to have it done or at least close to being done.


In the Overview tab, you can set the tour name, add the tour description and other tour details.


Add & Edit Stops

Make sure your stops are all there and in the correct order. Don't forget to spell-check all the stop information ;) 



There are 4 images required for your app design. Each image has specified sizes. Check here for more information on the required app artwork. 

1. Title Large (576px by 288px) - This shows in the tour list when there are less than 10 tours listed.

2. Title Square (88px by 88px) - This shows in the tour list when there are more than 10 tours listed.

3. Header Portrait (1536px by 864px) - This image is displayed at the top of your tour overview page. Along with the tour description.

4 Header Landscape (2048px by 480px) -This image is displayed at the top of your tour overview page for tablets being used in landscape mode. Along with the tour description.


You can set the tour color scheme to match the app or it can have its own independent color scheme.

Plot Stops

If your tour has stop makers on the map then double check they are all in the correct location and have the correct geofence radii. More on adding markers here. And you can add lines to your map as well.


Developer accounts

Do you have your own Apple and Google Play developer accounts? 

If you don't then you will need to sign up for both before you can publish your app live to the stores.

If you already have developer accounts then please invite to the account.

More information on signing up for developer accounts and inviting My Tours to the account can be found here.


If all of the above is checked and ready to go then please contact your Client Success Manager to let them know that you are ready to go live!

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