Restricting Page Access via the Keypad

You can hide pages behind a keypad that requires a code for visitors to access.

  • This could be used to charge for tours by requiring visitors to purchase a code beforehand.
  • Restrict access to the app when not onsite.
  • Use in a scavenger hunt type game where the code is discovered throughout the tour.                                   
  1. Identify the page that you want to hide.
  2. Set that page's numerical code using the Site Number in Page Properties.

  3. Click on the page header to open Page Properties.

  4. To change this code you will just need to change the Site Number and republish the project.


  5. Then set the link that would take the visitor to that page to the Keypad.


  6. The visitor will then access that page by typing in the code on the keypad screen.


*Please note this code is will need to be changed manually and can be used more than once.