Adding Photo Filters

Photo filters can be added to your app to allow people to interact with your content in a fun way. Filters access a device’s camera so visitors can take photos with themed background and overlays, such as wearing a hat and sunglasses. You could also use this feature to create a digital postcard by adding a frame with text saying your apps name and year for example.

How to add a photo filter:

Adding Photo Filters is very similar to adding an Image widget.

The image you select to be used will need to have a transparent background. This background is what will become the user's camera.

 iPhone8-Portrait-SpaceGray2.png           iPhone8-Portrait-SpaceGray.png

  1. Add Photo Filter Widget to a page. 
    • Only one photo filter can be added per page
  2. Upload image as a png with a transparent background. 
    • Ideally 1024x1024px