Creating Badges

Badges can be used to provide an incentive to your users to visit specific sites or complete an array of tasks and challenges.

When a user reaches a page in your app which has been configured to trigger a badge, a popup will appear providing extra details regarding the achievement.

Users can visit the Badges page in the app to monitor their progress, view information regarding badges already earned, and get a sneak preview of badges yet to be earned.


  • Customize: Design and use any icon of your choice to create themes, characters, or levels
  • Geo-Reference: Use Geo-alerts or beacons to trigger badges only available at a specific location or site.
  • Engage: Keep users in the app longer by creating fun interactive challenges, activities, or pop quizzes.
  • Track: The “Badges” page shows progress and completion.
  • Incentivize:  Visitors can show that they’ve completed a challenge to earn discounts, prizes, or special offers.
  • Search “Find your Independence” or “Junior Ranger Quest Mount Rushmore” in your app store to see how two of our clients are using their badges.



How to add badges to your app:

If you see “Badges” as an option in your “Project Settings” menu, your project is already configured to use badges! Visit this section to add and manage badges in your project.




Badge form instructions:

For a technical breakdown of how to set and edit badges follow these steps in the builder:

  1. Open your Project Settings menu in your project
  2. Select Badges
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to “Click here” to view the badge form instructions


Helpful Tips:


  • All badge images within your project need to be the same size. The recommended file size is 400px by 400px. Accepted file types: .jpg, .png, or .gif
  • Be selective where you incorporate badges, come up with a good use case and plan the user experience
  • Make sure to include a link to the “Badges” page, found in your page list, as one of your global navigation buttons. This page provides users quick access to view their progress
  • Badges can be offered as a separate path in your app, such as a dedicated game
  • Badges can trigger hidden pages in your app, allowing for creative interactions with visitors

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