Creating Coupon Codes

Coupon codes allow you to lock free tour content or provide alternative access to paid tour content.

Creating coupon codes

Go to the Publish section in the App Builder

There are two options here to create coupon codes:

  • App-wide coupon: Unlocks all tour content in the app.
  • Tour coupon: Works on one specific tour. 

Click on either “Manage app-wide coupons” or “Manage coupons for this tour”.

Note: For the example app below there is only one tour at present so go with “Manage coupons for this tour”.


In the Coupon create screen you can enter the number of coupons you would like to create and then click the green “Create coupons” button to generate them.

Note: For the example app were only creating one coupon at this time.


Once the coupon codes have been generated they will be displayed in the All Coupons list.

The Redeemed and Email address field will remain blank until the code is first redeemed.

When a new code is redeemed in the app it will be assigned to whatever email address was initially entered in the login details. Once a code is assigned to an email address it can be re-used by multiple users but only if the same code and email address are used for any future logins.


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