Adding Video Content

Each tour stop can have multiple videos uploaded to it. These video files can be downloaded as part of the tour package and work offline.

Uploading a video

  1. Go to the MyTours section of the online builder and select the tour, then stop you want to upload a video file to.
  2. Click on the video button (indicated below):Screen_Shot_20319-03-05_at_12.52.31_PM.png
  3. A pop-up window will appear from which you can select the video file to upload from your local device.
  4. Once the video has been uploaded it will show in your media at the top of the edit stop page. You can play the video to make sure it has uploaded correctly.

Video files can be uploaded in any quality but please be aware that it will impact the overall file size of the tour download. Also, as most users will be on mobile phones having HD videos isn't too important for the smaller screens.

We support video in a lot of different formats. You can upload video in one of the following formats and we will convert this to a format suitable for the device it is being played on:


You can also upload links to YouTube videos and these will be streamed from within a player on the device.


External links to YouTube videos can also be added to tour stops. To add a YouTube video:

  1. Click on the YouTube button (indicated below):Screen_Shot_2019-03-05_at_1.09.28_PM.png
  2. A pop-up window will appear where you can paste in a URL link to the videoScreen_Shot_2019-03-05_at_12.56.20_PM.png
  3. Click save and you're all done.

Please be aware external YouTube videos will require the user to have access to wifi or cellular date while on the tour in order to view the video.


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