Intro To the App Builder

The OnCell app builder is your base for building, updating, and publishing your app. You'll begin by signing into your account and creating a new project. Once you have created your project, you will be taken into the app builder.


Use the main header in the builder to manage your project and its settings.

The Dashboard takes you back to your main list of projects that you have access to. Create new projects or copy an existing project from your Dashboard.

Pages takes you back to the list of pages in your project so you can make adjustments to our existing pages or build additional pages.

Use the Library to upload and manage your assets (images, audio, and video). Save time by uploading multiple files at once. You can also manage your files here: Rename, delete, and see what images have been used.

Project Settings
Project Settings provides access to various means to manage your project as a whole. You can enter/change these items at any time:

  • Project Users: Invite other members of your team to help contribute to your app.
  • Publish Settings: Name or rename your project. Set a main app icon. Set the URL the user will type in to access your app. Set your home page.
  • Look & Feel:  Allows you to change the theme of your project and set your preferred font style (serif or sans serif). The theme dictates the color palette and the overall look of your app. 
  • Languages allows you to create a multilingual app. To learn more about creating your app in multiple languages, please visit our Knowledge Base in the Learning Center.

Use the Publish button to push out test versions of your app. When you are ready to launch your app to the public, you will also use this button to set up your billing information and publish it to the public.

Don't forget to logout of your project to keep it safe!