Can I use my own images to make a map?

Yes. If you would like to use a custom map of your property or area, you can use one to create touchable points of interest.


1.Create a new page for your custom map and enter a page title.

 2. Add an Image Map widget to your page layout using the "+" button.

 3. In the Image Map editor that appears, click "Change Map Image", click browse and select your image. When you are done, click "Upload".

 4. Your map will display. Click the "Draw Hotspot" button to create touchable areas on your map that coincide with your points of interest. Draw boxes around each location on your map that you would like to link to. Click "I'm done" when you finish drawing your hotspot areas.

 5. Your hotspots will appear in the list to the right of the map. Click on each one to set the point of interest page you would like to link to. You can also click the hotspot on the map to set the link. Click "Save"after you set each hotspot link.