How do I link my pages together?

There are four different ways to linking pages together, buttons and lists are the most common.


Use the Button Widget

1. On your page layout, you'll want to add a Button widget by going to the green "+" button above your page.

2. You'll see a button element at the bottom of your page and a button editor on the left.

3. In the editor type in the Button Text you would like to see displayed on the button, e.g., Next Site, View Video, Visit Our Website, etc.

4. Choose a link from the pull down menu in the editor and select the desired page. You can choose an internal link to a page you have created, for example, the next stop in your tour.  From this pull down menu, at the bottom of the list, you can also create an external link to a website, allow the user to call a phone number, or even send an email to a predefined email address.

Tip: For external links, be sure to begin your external link with the appropriate directive:
For weblinks start with: http://
For telephone links, start with: tel:
For email links, start with: mailto:


Use the List Widget

1. Add a List widget to your page.

2. Select a page from the pull down menu. Click "Add to List" and you will see the first button in your list appear.

3. Select another page from the menu and click "Add to List". Set as many links as you like! You can even add telephone, email, or website links.

4. Before you finish your list, be sure to check off whether or not you would like to see thumbnail icons and/or page titles appear in your list. (You can set square icons in the page header / title editor for each individual page)

5. Click "Done" when you have finished to close the editor.


Use Images as an Internal Link

You can also use an image as an internal link.

1. Add an image to your page layout or select any image you have already placed on your pages.

2. Once the image has been place, use the image editor on the left to set a link. Click " Link" from the menu and select the page you would like to link to.

3. Click "Save" to set the link and close the editor.


Use the Text Widget

You can also link to pages from within a text widget.

1. Add a text widget to your page layout.

2. Type and format your text.

3. Highlight the text you would like to make linkable, for example, you would like "Learn more about us!" to link to your website.

4. In the formatting bar in the text editor select Internal Link from the formatting menu. You will see the text become underscored and a link editor menu pop up on the left. Choose your link from the pull down menu and click "Make Link".
For external links, highlight your text and select the "hyperlink" button from the formatting menu. Enter the URL in the pop up window. You must include http:// in your address.