Keypad entry feature


The Keypad entry allows users to access stops using the keypad function within the app. The numbers can relate to the tour stop number or can be associated with labeling on exhibits, artworks, and other displays.

Enable Keypad Entry

Enable the keypad entry so that users can access stops using the keypad function within the app.

This feature can be enabled in the Tour Builder from the Tour Overview tab. Select the option Keypad entry enabled (pictured below) to activate the feature.


Once enabled you will be present with the option to enter the Number of Digits (pictured below). This can be anywhere from 1 - 4 digits depending on how many stops you have or a preset numbering at your tour location.



When you have entered the number of digits you wish to use select save.

Add Keypad numbers

On the Edit Stop page, you can enter a number into the Keypad number option. The number will be assigned to this stop.



Keypad entry in the App

When the Keypad function has been enabled in a tour the Keypad entry icon will be displayed in the top menu bar of the app.


Tapping on the icon will open the keypad entry in the app. Enter a number and tap view to be taken to the specific tour stop page.



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