Submitting and linking a tour to a shared app


For tours created in a child account to be published to a parent app, they will first need to be linked.

Any child account user can request a link between a tour and the app. The request will need to be reviewed by an administrator before the link is established.

When a tour is linked to an app it can be edit, and certain users can submit the tour for review.

Submitting a tour

Who can submit tours

 The following roles can submit tours:

  • Administrators
  • Tour Publisher

Once a tour has been submitted any changes will be updated in the app within 24 hours.

Requesting a link

To link a tour from a child account to an app you will initially need to create a link request. 

A link request can be created in the Preview and Publish tab of the tour. Click on + Create link request next to the available app you want to link the tour with.


A tour link request will be sent to the app administrators' account.

Linking tours to the app

In order to link a tour to an app the app first has to be shared with the account. You can find out how to share an app here.

An Administrator 

When it comes to publishing a tour, go the Preview and Publish tab. Under the heading Linked Apps are listed any apps that have been shared with the account. If there is more than one app and you only want to publish the tour to a specific one, you can click on the Unlink Tour button along from the app name. 

If a child account has not been linked to the parent account then it will not be able to publish to it. Any user on the child account will see the notification "This tour is not linked to any apps." pictured below:



Users will then need to contact an account administrator to share the app from the parent account if they want to publish their tour to the app.

Accepting or rejecting a tour link request

An app administrator can accept or reject any tour that has requested creating a tour link. To accept or reject a link request follow these steps:

  1. In the Parent account go to My Apps.
  2. Click on an app.
  3. Select the Tours tab.
  4. Click on +Link Tour and any link request will be displayed 
  5. Either select +Link or XReject Link Request

To link a tour directly to a group select +Link Tour in Group Actions underneath the group name. Then either select +Link or XReject Link Request as you would with linking a tour to an app.


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