Child Accounts


Child accounts offer the possibility for multiple groups or organizations to publish tours into one App. 

For example, different historical societies in one city can all contribute tours to the same app.

Please contact if you would like to enable child accounts. Once the child accounts feature has been enabled you can go ahead and create child accounts.

Adding a child account

 To create a child account:

1. Go to Manage Accounts.

2. Click on the +Create child account button located to the right of the parent account name.

3. Enter an account name and click save.

The child account will now be displayed in your accounts list under the parent account.

Please email us at if you want to delete an account.

Switching accounts

You can switch between the Parent and Child account(s) in two ways. 

First, click on the account name in the menu bar to open a drop-down menu. Then click on the account name you would like to switch to.

Second, you can select the "Switch to this account" button under the Manage Accounts section.

Managing users for a child account

To manage users for a child account:

1. Go to Manage Accounts.

2. Select "Switch to this account" on the account you want to manage users for. 

3. Once select it will state Currently Active next to the account name, and the option button to Manage users Screen_Shot_2018-04-03_at_5.19.45_PM.png will show.

4. Click on Manage users and it will display a list of all the Account users.

5. Here you can invite users, edit their roles, or remove them from the account.

Inviting a user to a child account is the same as inviting to a parent account. Please see here on how to invite a user or team member.

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