Adding sliding images

My Tours supports adding sliding images into your tours. Perfect for tours of historical sites and buildings. Show people how things used to look and how they line up now.

Below is an example of a sliding image in action. Taken just down the road from our office.


Create a sliding image zip file

You will need to create a zip file to add a sliding image to your tour. To create a sliding image zip file do the following:

  1. Download the juxtapose zip file below.
  2. Extract the juxtapose folder.
  3. Open the folder. There are two examples images labeled "left-image.jpg" and "right-image.jpg". Place the two images you would like to juxtapose into the folder, delete the examples images and rename your two images to "left-image" and "right-image".The naming of the left-right image determines the side it will be placed on in the slider.
  4. To change the dates shown on the images open the index.html file with a text editor.
  5. Edit the date shown in data-label="c1973" & data-label="2018" and save the file.
  6. Compress (zip-up) the folder.

Note: Make sure both images placed in the folder are the same dimension (e.g. 2048 × 1357). 

Create a sliding image page

To create a sliding image stop do the following:

  1. Created a new information page from the stop list
  2. Edit the page
  3. Change the page type from information page to Panorama
  4. Click on choose file and upload a zip file of your panorama scene 
  5. Add a title (and subtitle if you like).
  6. Save the page.

Please note that sliding images are currently in Beta. Please get in touch to enable this in your app.

For advanced settings of the sliding images please see juxtapose documentation



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