Quiz Feature

The My Tours platform allows you to include quiz questions at a stop. A quiz may be a ‘pick a picture’ image selection style question, multi-choice or enter a text response. Correct and incorrect answers can have animations and sounds attached to them. Quiz scores can be totaled and the user may share their quiz score on social media. Additional question types may be added in the future.

Add a quiz stop

Under each stop on your tour, you can create a content page (nested stops). These content pages can be used for a quiz feature when you reach a stop.

To create a nested stop, go to the Add & Edit Stops section in the My Tours creator. Click "Add information page" on the stop you wish to create a nested stop under. Select "Edit" on the newly created nested stop and then click on “Quiz" from the drop-down menu and save.



Set Quiz stop function

To set the quiz stop function select "Quiz Question" from the drop-down list. You can also set it to "Quiz Score" if you are wanting to add a scoring function as part of the tour's quiz.




Edit a quiz question type

To edit a quiz question type select 

There are three Quiz question types to select from:

- Image Select

- Multi-Choice

- Free text (Currently still in development)


Add quiz information 

You can now enter a question title and the quiz question.


The Maximum attempts field is to set the number of attempts available for users to try to get the quiz answers. 

e.g. If there a 4 quiz answers and the maximum attempts is set to 2, then quiz will show the correct or incorrect answers after 2 attempts.

As there can be more than one right or wrong answer the maximum number of attempts can be set to accommodate this.

If you are wanting an unlimited number of attempts then set the maximum number to the same number of answers there are available.


Icon, audio, and animations

A question image icon can be uploaded to the quiz stop. This acts in the same way as the Title Square image that can be uploaded to the Design tab of the tour. It will be displayed in the list of tours stops.

The question image icon specs are 88px by 88px.

Audio files can be uploaded to either the Correct answer or Incorrect answer. The audio will be triggered when either a correct or incorrect answer is selected. The audio could be a simple sound or some form of narration.

Animations work in a similar way to the audio in that they are triggered by either a correct or incorrect answer. The animation files must be must be apng or webp format. They should be around 500px by 500px and preferably on a transparent background.


Quiz Answers

Select the + Add new quiz answer button to start adding answers. Enter a question answer in the pop-up box and click the tick box if the answer is correct. You can have more than one correct answer in each quiz but it's always good to specify how many correct answers there are in the quiz question.



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