Bulk Importing

STQRY Collect suports bulk uploading of content from Google Drive. 

Connecting Google Drive

Before uploading any data you will need to connect to your Google Drive folder.

  1. Go to Settings | GeneralSelect import folder
  2. Authenticate your Google Account
  3. Elect the folder where you have added your assets

Metadata Spreadsheet

Download the upload template file below. You will need to fill out the various columns for each record. 

  • source, source_id: The combination of source and source_id uniquely identifies a record. We will use this field to find existing records to update.
  • parent_source_id: Current unused. 
  • file_name: You can leave the extension off this file if you wish
  • subject: a semicolon separated list of tags
  • date: The date the item was created. This should be in EDTF format
  • access_rights: Set to unpublished unless you want the items to go live straight away
  • contributed_at: This should be in EDTF format

Uploading Content

  1. Go to Import | Bulk Import
  2. Upload the spreadsheet created above
  3. The system will validate the spreadsheet 
  4. Review the output and continue with the import once you are happy with the result