Project Lifecycle

The project lifecycle has 4 main stages:

  1. Content Creation and Sourcing
  2. Content Uploading
  3. App Submission
  4. Ongoing Maintenance

Content Creation/Sourcing

In this phase of a project, the client is responsible for collecting the relevant content and preparing it for uploading. If the project involves existing tours and content then this will usually involve:

  • Collating PDF/Word/Text versions of the tour content and reviewing it for any changes.
  • Collecting and sourcing high-quality images for upload. We suggest at least one image per stop.
  • Sourcing any audio files/tracks that may be added to the tour.
  • Creating any app graphics including the app icon, splash image, branding images, and color choices.

During this stage, you will also need to apply for an Apple Developer account and a Google Play account to publish the app under your own account. We recommend doing this sooner rather than later to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Content Uploading

Once the content has been created and sourced it is ready for uploading (note that this may happen in parallel). Content is uploaded via our web-based app builder either by you, the client, or by our STQRY team. Images and audio can be uploaded at full resolution as the system will take care of any resizing for each device.

During this stage, you may want a version of the app to test the content. This will allow you to check the content as it is being added to our system.

App Submission

Once the content has been uploaded and readied the STQRY team takes care of the submission process. We will check the content, prepare the app for submission and submit this to the app stores.

Allow at least 2 weeks to get the apps live as Apple can take anywhere from 1 day - two weeks.

Ongoing Maintenance

After the app is released the app goes into maintenance. Content for the app can be added and updated using our web-based tour builder.

During this time STQRY may submit app updates with bug fixes and new features. We will submit at least one update per year.

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