Batch Editing Data

You can change multiple records all at once using the admin interface. There are two ways to batch edit data. You can either edit a single field for all records, or edit data for only selected records.

Batch Editing a Single Field

To batch edit a single field:

  1. Login to the Admin interface
  2. Go to Resources | Manage Fields
  3. Select the field you wish to edit
  4. Use the edit_delete_buttons.jpgbuttons to edit or delete the field value
  5. Click Save
  6. You can also select multiple records using the checkboxes on the left hand column. Selecting multiple records will edit/delete the values for all matching values.

Note that once you save the record there will be a delay before the records get updated as the update is performed as a background task.  


Batch Editing

This feature has not yet been implemented.