Getting started with creating your app and tours

To start creating your app, login to your My Tours account. The My Tours homescreen has tabs for creating My Tours and My Apps in the top left toolbar.

The information required for completing My Apps is adding details of what you want your app to look like – such as name, description & icon. The app is what people search for on the stores and download onto their device to access all the content in your tours. My Tours is where the detailed content is accessed. You can create up to 50 tours for each app.

Just go through and add the required information under each tab.

Key content required under the My Tours section is:

  • Tour description
  • Tour Type & length/time
  • Stop information – add images, text, audio, video and text
  • Design your Tour – Tour artwork and option to differentiate tour colours from app design. More info here.
  • Place stops on the map – drag onto map and click to add GPS co-ordinates if available. Add a polyline if you want.

You also need to complete the My Apps section. Key content required is:

  • App name
  • App description (this appears in the Google/iTunes stores)
  • Keywords (this used for searches in the Google/iTunes stores)
  • App artwork – including app custom colour choices. More info here
  • Information pages – Custom information pages allow you to enter any other information you want to share that doesn’t specifically fall into a tour. Examples include: app tips; opening times of attractions; disclaimers.  All apps require at least one information page.
  • Pricing add under the Publish tab if required.

Don’t forget to link your tours into your app under the Publish tab and let us know when you are ready to go.

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