Uploading content from Word

Word puts a lot of extra characters in, which we need to strip out. Therefore when pasting from Word the following steps will help with ensuring the formatting looks how you want it to:

  1. Paste into a text editor first to remove extra characters.
  2. Save the stop
  3. When it is loaded click into text entry field first to be able to enter this view then push the HTML button.

In the HTML view you will be able to see what may be causing the formatting/paragraph errors you are seeing (i.e: where there is more than one HTML tag per sentence you want to format)
A couple of tag examples are:

  • <p> Defines a paragraph
  • <br> Inserts a single line break
  • <b> tag specifies bold text.
  • <i> tag specifies italics text.
  • &nbsp; – non breaking space (ie: keep word together rather than split across lines)

Please note that there needs to be a similar tag inserted, where you want the formatting to end. For example:

</p> Defines end of a paragraph
</br> Defines end of a single line break

The things you will want to look out for are:

Remove extra <p></p> tags

Remove extra <br> tags

Replace &nbsp; with a space

When you are finished formatting in HTML, just push the HTML button again to view. It is worth noting that you can only see the formatting in HTML view and once the stop is  live on the app.

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