Updating your content

You can update the app content at any time.

If a tour has already been published, you will need to update the tour in the My Tours tour builder before you can make any changes.

To make changes to your tour:

(1) Click Update Tour on the Overview page of your tour builder
(2) Once you are happy with the changes then click on Submit Tour for Review in the Review and Publish tab. We will then approve the latest changes to your tour.
(3) For these changes to appear in your app:

  • click on the settings cog on the homepage of your app
  • click check for updated content
  • If you already have the tour installed on your device – in tour home screen you will see a little red circle with the number 1 in the top of the screen. Click on this to accept the changes.

Please note there are a few things that will require a new version of the app to be built by My Tours, if you need to change these. These include:

  • App icon
  • App Header images
  • App loading images
  • App description
  • Name of app
  • Keywords
  • Price of app (if any)

Let us know if you need update any of the items above and we will create a new version of the app for you.

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