Updating your content

STQRY is a user-friendly platform. We not only focus on an intuitive interface but also provide a real-time update tool. 

You can update the app content at any time. To make changes to your app content:

(1) Click Save on the builder.
(2) Link the new content to the app if you have not linked it yet. We wrote a help article to guide you on how to. You can read it here.
(2) For these changes to appear in your app:

  • Click on the Settings cog on the homepage of your app
  • Click Check For Updated Content


  • If you add Badges to your app, the Settings button will be changed to Profile. You can still find the settings cog icon if you click on Profile. The setting cog button will be on the top right corner. 


  • If, for any reason, the app does not prompt for an immediate content update (such as when the app layout involves complex elements like a tour linked to a list, which is then linked to the app), you can try waiting for 10 minutes and then check for updated content. Alternatively, you can delete and redownload the tour to see the changes right away.


  • There are a few things that will require a new version of the app to be built by STQRY if you need to change these. These include:
    • App icon
    • App loading image
    • App description
    • Name of app
    • Keywords
    • Price of app (if any)

Let us know if you need to update any of the items above and we will create a new version of the app for you. After a new update gets released, the end-users will need to go to Google Play/ Apple Store and choose "update app" to update the apps. If they allow the app to be updated automatically, the app will get an automatic refresh after 24-36 hours.

Official guide from Google and Apple: