Artwork required for your application

Your app and tours require several branding/artwork images. The image sizes required are:

App Images

  • App Icon: 1024×1024
  • App Image – Header Portrait: 1536×864
  • App Image – Header Landscape:  2048×480
  • Loading App Image (Phone Portrait):  640×1136
  • Loading App Image (Tablet Portrait)  1536×2048
  • Loading App Image (Tablet Landscape): 2048×1536

Please Note: for the Loading App Image (Phone Portrait) the sides of the image will be cut off on taller screens such as the iPhone X. To avoid your text or branding being cut off, please ensure it is not located at the sides of this image. It is also advised that the loading images are of the logo on a plain background. This is because photo realistic images increase the loading time of the app dramatically.


Tour Images (for each tour)

  • Tour List – Title Large: 576×288
  • Tour List – Title Square: 88×88
  • Main Tour Image – Header Portrait: 1536×864
  • Main Tour Image – Header Landscape: 2048×480



You can download a PDF with examples and PSD/PNG templates for tour and app artwork below.

Get in touch if you need help – we also offer a complete graphics design package.

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