What do the different tour states mean

Tours can be in different states based on the stage you are at with editing and publishing the tour:


Tours in this state have never been published. All tours start in this state and will remain in this state until you publish the tour.

Submitted For Review

A tour that is has been submitted for review is waiting in the My Tours queue for a staff member to review the tour for quality purposes. After your app is published will will move your account to “auto-approve” and this tours will go straight into processing.


The tour is currently being processed and packaged up for the device or a previously published tour is currently being prepared for editing. This stage normally takes around 10 minutes although may take up to an hour.


The tour is ready for download. Please note that this does not mean that it is currently linked to any app. You will need to link your tour to an app before it is available for end users.

Unpublished Updates

Your tour has been pblished however there are new updates that have not yet been published. Publishing this new version will make it available to end users. Note that the old verison of the tour remains visible to users.

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