App deep linking

You may wish to deep link to your app. This will allow you to link from another app or via a web page to the app, tour or stop. The format for linking to the app is as follows:

App Linking


Tour Overview Linking

mytours[appId]://tours/[Tour ID]

Tour Stop Linking

mytours[appId]://tours/[Tour ID]/points/[Stop ID]

To get your app, tour and stop ID’s do the following:

  1. View your app in the App Builder
  2. Click on the Publish tap
  3. Click on View links to mobile web stops
  4. Click on the Export CSV button
  5. Open the CSV file

You will see links like this:

523 is the app ID, 1547464332 is the tour ID and 2001448058 is the stop ID.

Please feel free to get your developers to contact our support team for further details.

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