Upload a custom map

My Tours supports several map types including custom maps. You can upload either a standard image file such as a jpeg file or a GeoTIFF file as a custom map. The advantage of a GeoTIFF file is that the GPS will still work with the map (e.g. the ‘blue dot’ will show). Customers have used custom maps for:

  • Floor plans for internal tours
  • More detailed maps for different uses (for example hiking or biking)
  • Custom branded maps to match an organisations brand guidelines

To upload a custom map do the following:

  1. Navigate to the PLOT STOPS ON A MAP tab for your tour
  2. Select Use custom map from the map type dropdown on the top left of the screen
  3. Select your map file
  4. The map will process for a minute or two and once finished will return you to the map screen with your custom map
  5. You can now drag your points onto the map and add your route.

We’ve made a little animated GIF to show you how it all works. Happy mapping!


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