Differences between an app and a tour

The difference between an app and a tour can best be explained by using an analogy of a book.

The app can be compared to the cover of the book – that is the image on the front cover and the app description found back cover. This is the image  and description that users will find on the app stores – therefore prompting them to download your app.

The tour(s) are the content of your app. Using the analogy above tours can be compared to chapters of your book. You need to provide images and description for each tour, so that these can be differentiated on a list of tours. Examples of tours could be: walking tour of the area; walking tour inside a building; different language tour. You can have up to 50 tours per app.

Under each tour there are  number of stops where you enter the information you want to convey. This could be in a number of formats: audio, images, video or text. Each of these stops show up a list and are marked on a map. The number of stops per tour is unlimited. However, to make is user friendly we would recommend 10-30 stops.

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