The Tour Overview page

The tour overview page allows you to set different fields that will be displayed to the user before they download the tour. It is your chance to give information to the user before they download all of the tour contents.

Tour Name

Choose a name that succinctly describes the tour.

Tour Description

The tour description is your chance to ‘sell’ the user on the tour. What will they see on the tour? Why should they download this particular tour?


How long will the tour take to complete? You can have an exact time or a range.


How long is the tour in distance? You can choose either miles or kilometres. The user will see the distance in their preffered units.

Type of Tour

The type of tour determines the icon that will appear in the tour overview. If the tour does not fit into one of these catefories then you can leave this blank.


Set this option as Right to left if the tour is in Hebrew or Arabic.

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